GVSU Installs DigitalCanvas to Infuse Color, Light and Motion into its Technology Showcase

Recently Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan, was looking for a way to highlight their innovative product showcase of emerging technologies and they saw Lellan’s DigitalCanvas™ as the perfect complement to their space.

Eric Kunnen, Associate Director of eLearning and Emerging Technologies, comments, “Part of selling a service or sharing an experience is in attracting.  In searching for a colorful ambient lighting solution to serve as an attention piece for the Atomic Object Technology Showcase located in the Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons at Grand Valley State University, I found a variety of products that required a substantial investment in resources.  The DigitalCanvas from Lellan provided a wonderfully elegant solution that fit our space perfectly.  Installation was a breeze and we are now keeping the excitement going by changing up the display on a regular basis. Looking into the future, we see the Lellan Digital Canvas as an effective way to garner excitement and innovation in the showcase!”

Installation Step One

Step One – Establish Layout

Step Two Frames

Step Two – Install SmartTile Frames

Step Three SmartTiles Attached

Step Three – SmartTiles Attached to Frames

DigitalCanvas Up and Running

DigitalCanvas Up and Running