New Boutique Hotel Adds DigitalCanvas for Impact in the Lobby

Because our DigitalCanvas solution is modular and can be configured in various ways, it fits into any interior space, adding visual interest and impact.

When Victor D., owner of a new hotel in North Hollywood, first saw our demo, he saw our solution as the perfect way to differentiate and brand his hotel.

Richard, our CEO, was onsite during the installation and the contractor remarked to him that it “is obvious that a good deal of thought was put into installation of the system since a 10 year-old could probably do it”.

The hotel is due to open in May of 2017 and though we don’t want to share too much, we just had to provide this sneak peek.  This  specific DigitalCanvas arrangement was personally created by the owner himself and it will be located right behind the front desk.  Stay tuned for more pictures from the Grand Opening.