Lellan, Inc. is no longer in business.  This website remains for archival purposes.


(dé·ga·gé adjective 1. unconcerned or unconstrained; relaxed.)

Introducing Dégagé by Lellan, a complete DigitalCanvas pre-assembled and ready to be mounted on your wall.

Dégagé consists of a pre-configured design with SmartTiles mounted to a backboard that can simply be hung on a wall. The package comes with the Lellan Powerbox 500 and Smarthub and ten pieces of dynamic content.

Like all DigitalCanvas products, Dégagé can be controlled from a tablet or PC and the user can change content with the touch of a button. Although the Dégagé comes with 10 prepared pieces of content you can create your own custom content using the free DigitalCanvas content software solution. 

Features and Benefits


11 SmartTiles arranged and mounted on a panel

Easy to Install 

Just mount panel, plug power in and control your DigitalCanvas

Content Provided

10 pieces of dynamic content included 

Customizable Content

Use the Lellan Makeflix Software to create additional content of your own design