Lellan, Inc. is no longer in business.  This website remains for archival purposes.


Each Lellan DigitalCanvas is a unique, free form collection of SmartTiles that use RGB LEDs to display dynamic colors and patterns of motion within each of its 36 individually addressable cells. The SmartTiles modular design is easy to use in a multitude of applications within an interior space. The DigitalCanvas makes an elegant and impactful focal point, whether hung in a compelling pattern, to emphasize an architectural detail or create a full wall of digital art.

Features and Benefits


Allows for easy installation and free-form configurations


1 to 240 SmartTiles per System


Entire Canvas (up to 25,920 LEDs) can be refreshed at 15 frames/sec

Easy Installation

Plug and Play design makes installation quick and easy

Versatile Control

Control your DigitalCanvas™ from your iPad, Android tablet or PC/Mac over WiFi or LAN

Custom Content Creation

Create dynamic content for your DigitalCanvas™ with our free software available for PC/MAC

System Components


- 1-ft by 1-ft 
- 36 individual controllable cells
- 16 milion colors per cell
- 2 inches depth
- 3.2 lbs. weight


- Controls up to 240 SmartTiles
- WiFi or LAN
- USB expansion ports


- Powers up to 40 SmartTiles
- 500W / 24V 
- Remote Shutdown
- ETL/FCC certified

How It All Fits Together