Lellan, Inc. is no longer in business.  This website remains for archival purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

 1. Are there a maximum number of SmartTiles that can be connected together?
Currently, the maximum number of SmartTiles that can be connected together is 240, as the Smarthub can control and feed data to up to 240 SmartTiles.

2. How many SmartTiles can be powered by the Powerbox 500?
Each powerbox can power up to 40 SmartTiles and you can connect up to 6 powerboxes to one Smarthub.

3. Does the system have U.L. or ETL listing?
The DigitalCanvas is ETL listed.

4. Can I use the product in an exterior application?
No, the product in its current iteration is for interior applications only and is not listed for damp or wet locations.

5. What is the warranty?
The warranty is 5 years for the SmartTiles and 3 years for the Powerbox.

6. Where do you manufacture?
Lellan manufactures their products in , China. We maintain and ship inventory from our headquarters in Redwood City, CA.

7. What is the standard lead time?
Standard lead time for standard product is 6-8 weeks; however, we are making a conscious effort to have available inventory for smaller installations so always check with the factory when you are ready to place an order. For custom orders and/or for Dégagé, please consult with the factory.

8. Where can I get the software/Lellan App?
The Lellan App for Android is available on Google Play. The App is not yet available on iTunes, so for iOS or for a software download for your PC or MAC, please contact the factory.

9. Can I create my own content?
Yes, you can create your own content with Lellan’s MakeFlix software, which formats video content into our flix file format for uploading to the DigitalCanvas. This software download will be available on the Lellan website soon, but you can contact us for a downloadable link.

10. What are the dimensions of the SmartTile?
Each SmartTile is approximately 1-foot by 1-foot (11.8 inches) and 1.8 inches in depth. There are 36 pixels per SmartTile.

11. Does the SmartTile come in any size or shape other than the current 1-foot by 1-foot design?
No, the 1-foot by 1-foot square is currently the only form factor available.  

12. Do I need an electrical contractor to install a DigitalCanvas system?
No, the system is very easy to install and specialized labor can be used but is not required.