Lellan, Inc. is no longer in business.  This website remains for archival purposes.

DigitalCanvas Software

The DigitalCanvas includes all of the software needed to configure and control the system from a tablet or PC as well as a desktop application that you can use to create custom content.


Makeflix is a desktop application that enables you to create custom content by converting source video files into 'flix' files that can be played on the DigitalCanvas. Makeflix runs on Windows or the MacOS and accepts a variety of standard video and graphics file formats as input.

Makeflix uses a map showing the exact layout of your DigitalCanvas to convert and downscale the rectangular source video into a flix file that contains the appropriate commands to light up your (possibly non-rectangular) arrangement of SmartTiles. Makeflix also allows you to preview the content, upload or download the flix files to/from the SmartHub, and compile flix files into playlists.  

The DigitalCanvas Controller App

The DigitalCanvas Controller App (the "LellanApp") enables you to configure and control your DigitalCanvas from an iPad, an Android tablet or any PC/Mac.

On the PC/Mac, the LellanApp simply runs in any standard browser and can connect to the DigitalCanvas over Wi-Fi or a hardwired LAN.

For Android tablets, the LellanApp is available in the Google Play Store. It connects to the DigitalCanvas over Wi-Fi and is optimized for 10" tablets.

An iPad version of the LellanApp is in progress and will be available in the App Store. Please sign up for our News & Updates to get the latest information. In the meanwhile, you can run the LellanApp on an iPad within a browser (Safari or Chrome) just as you would on a Mac.   

The Apple iOS App is in progess and will soon be released. Please sign up for our News & Updates to get the latest information.